Promotor:Acheroy, Marc
Involved staff: Yann YVINEC, Nada MILISAVLJEVIC, Dirk BORGHYS,
Start date:01 May 2002
Duration:36 months
Research unit:Image Processing


The goal of the SMART project is to provide a GIS-based system - the SMART system - augmented with dedicated tools and methods designed to use multispectral and radar data in order to assist the human analyst in the interpretation of the mined scene. The use of SMART includes a short field survey to collect knowledge about the site, a flight campaign to record the data, and the use of the SMART system by an operator to detect indicators of presence or absence of minefields. The operator will prepare thematic maps that will synthesise all the knowledge gathered with these indicators. These maps of indicators can be transformed into ‘danger maps’ showing how dangerous an area may be according to the location of known indicators. These maps are designed to help the area reduction process.