Promotor:Acheroy, Marc
Funding:SPP Politique Scientifique
Involved staff: Vinciane LACROIX, Charles BEUMIER, Mahamadou IDRISSA SEYNI,
Start date:01 Oct 2007
Duration:12 months
Research unit:Image Processing


The method developed for NGI by SIC in the scope of the ETATS project (STEREO SR/00/21) to detect changes in buildings and roadnetwork from SPOT5 images and the Top10v-GIS topographic data base (conceptually at 1:10 000) of NGI, has produced good results on a set of zones, but could not be validated sufficiently in the foreseen time frame during the ETATS project. Moreover, taking into account the tests realized and in order to make the application more flexible, NGI prefers a modular version of the realized software under the form of successions of scripts instead of a global graphical interface. Finally, the NGI wish that the method could accept as input other types of images than SPOT5 images, as aerial photos, orthophotos and mosaics.

At the end of this project, the NGI will have a versatile and adapted prototype to help the updating of topogeographical data.