Promotor:Acheroy, Marc
Funding:SPP Politique Scientifique
Involved staff: Vinciane LACROIX, Mahamadou IDRISSA SEYNI,
Start date:01 Jan 2003
Duration:33 months
Research unit:Image Processing


The National Geographic Institute (of Belgium) is in charge of the production of the digital topo-geographic data over Belgium at the scale of 1:10000. In order to keep up with the evolution of the situation on the terrain, the NGI has to plan for the update of these data and inform its user about the status of that update. Detection of areas that have undergone a significant evolution with respect to the know situation in the database is thus required.

The role of RMA in this project is to detect those areas. More specifically, the focus will be put on the detection of the communication network (roads, railroad) and the build-up areas. RMA will produce a software prototype that will interface with a Geographical Information System and that will compute a 'change index' for fixed-size cells on a regular grid using very high resolution satellite images.