Promotor:Dupont, Yves
Funding:MoD RSTD
Involved staff: Olga LOPERA,
Start date:01 Sep 2008
Duration:66 months
Research unit:Image Processing


This project addresses the limitations for observation, detection and classification of seabed ground targets, in particular mines. It will target the aspect of high-resolution synthetic-aperture sonar image by investigating the use of interferometric SAS methods (in particular single- and dual-pass interferometry), in order to facilitate the classification task. In the same philosophy as dual-pass interferometry, a new concept of imaging technique based on planar synthetic aperture sonar (P-SAS) will be investigated, which takes advantage of the overlap of both ping-to-ping and track-to-track footprints to improve the imaging resolution in both along-track and across-track directions.

A second aspect of the study will be the classification by itself; herein the speckle reduction task will be considered as well as the classification based on the three categories mentioned earlier; shadow based characterization, echoes based characterization and fusion based methods.