Promotor:Acheroy, Marc
Funding:SPP Politique Scientifique
Involved staff: Michal SHIMONI,
Start date:01 Jun 2005
Duration:16 months
Research unit:Hyperspectral Imaging


The objective of this project is to detect presence and concentration of polluted gas compounds in the atmosphere using airborne MWIR and LWIR imaging spectroscopy data. AHS-160 data have been collected over a chemical industry situated in the port of Antwerp, during two operational periods on the same day. The airborne data have been calibrated and verified using numerous ground truth measurements collected using field thermal imaging reflectometer (SOC 400T) and traditional in-situ measurements collected in air quality monitoring stations in the port. The image processing uses non-linear absorption features of target gases spectral signature coupled with background suppression techniques to obtain absolute plume column density and plume temperature.