Promotor:Perneel, Christiaan
Involved staff: Christiaan PERNEEL, Michal SHIMONI, Yann FORGET,
Start date:01 Jun 2014
Duration:48 months
Research unit:Hyperspectral Imaging


GEPATAR focuses on the collection of data necessary for future preservation activities. For the majority of Belgian people, the country geologically speaking is more or less safe: no volcano, no major earthquake, and no major landslide. However, neo-ground movements are occurring and they are originated from industrial exploitation of the subsoil, urbanization and (des) industrialization processes, and may also be induced by several local phenomena. Ground movements may significantly affect the buildings and contribute to degradation of their structural stability. GEPATAR will develop tools to explore two large federal archive facilities: the RBINS satellite archive and the KIK-IRPA patrimony heritage data base. Dedicated permanent scattering tool will allow the efficient exploitation of hundreds satellite SAR archive data for ground movement mapping with millimeters accuracy. This risk map will permit a geographical search for selected heritage buildings that might be in risk at the K