Promotor:Acheroy, Marc
Funding:Ministery of Environment
Involved staff: Michal SHIMONI,
Start date:01 Jan 2007
Duration:11 months
Research unit:Hyperspectral Imaging


This project to be funded by the "federal public service for health, food chain safety and environment", concerns a feasibility analysis on the use of sensors like synthetic aperture radar, thermal infrared camera or scanners and hyperspectral imaging spectrometers to enhance the protection of the marine environment (detection in time of pollutions).

This work will be performed in four constructive parts. In the first part, the UGMM operational needs will be gathered and analysed. In the second part, sensors or a set of sensors required to fulfil the end-user’s operational needs will be listed and for each sensor the spectral, spatial, radiometrical and temporal requirements will be derived. In the third part, the necessary adaptations will be listed that should be made to the available airborne platform. And in the fourth part, a costs analysis for off-the-shelf sensor/s acquisition, adapted hardware and adaptation to the airborne platform will be produced.