Interpretation and Registration of High-Resolution Polarimetric SAR Images

PhD Thesis defended at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommuncations (ENST), Paris on 23 November 2001.

The purpose of this PhD thesis was to explore new methods for automatical interpretation of high-resolution polarimetric SAR images and to develop a way to automatically register SAR images with other images.
The project focusses on high-resolution polarimetric SAR images. Images from the  E-SAR  system of DLR are used.
The project is a collaboration between the Signal and Image Centre of the RMA  (RMA/SIC) in Brussels,  the Signal and Image processing dept.  of the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunication (ENST/TSI) in Paris and the Institute of Radio Frequency Technology and Radarsystems of the German Aerospace Center ( DLR/HF ) in Oberpfaffenhofen.

The thesis was written in English and a copy of the different chapters is available below.

Related publications are available here.

A slide show about the subject is available also. The slides are in French. Click here to start the presentation (If the navigation in the presentation does not work, please load the following address:

Table of Content

Frontpage (56 Kbytes)
Resume en Francais (64 Kbytes)
Acknowledgments (39 Kbytes)
Table of Contents (57 Kbytes)
Ch1 : Introduction and Motivation (614 Kbytes)
Ch2 : Principles of SAR Image Formation (3.4 Mbytes)
Ch3 : Polarimetry (9.1 Mbytes)
Ch4 : Statistics of SAR Images (5.0 Mbytes)
Ch5 : Edge Detection in High-Resolution SAR Images (36.5 Mbytes)
Ch6 : Segmentation and Classification (29.5 Mbytes)
Ch7 : Detection of Built-Up Areas (4.4 Mbytes)
Ch8 : Image Registration (34.5 Mbytes)
Ch9 : Conclusions and Perspectives (79 Kbytes)
Bibliography (130 Kbytes)
Annexes (2.3 Mbytes)

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