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Modern aircraft structures have to comply with severe requirements: they have to be light as well as safe. These requirements lead to an increased use of composite materials in the aircraft industry. However, new materials also require new techniques in order to inspect aircraft components during production in a non-destructive way.

The primary goal of the DOTNAC project is to develop a safe, contact-free, high resolution, and potentially on-site NDT tool based on terahertz (THz) waves, which will be easy to integrate in industrial facilities, and allowing the detection of surface, subsurface and in-depth defects in a variety of composite materials used in aeronautics. The developed NDT tool will fill in the performance gaps that are still present amongst the established NDT techniques and will therefore be an extremely useful tool in NDT in terms of sensor fusion.


This study mainly focusses on how to retrieve the position of the sensor nodes of a wireless sensor network and with which precision this can be done (assuming the nodes don’t have a GPS module on board). How the topology of the wireless network could be controlled in order to optimise the network for given scenarios is also investigated. The goal of this study is not only to have a theoretical approach of the problem, but also to implement the most promising methods or algorithms on a real sensor network.


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