Promotor:Alain Muls
Funding:European GNSS Agency (GSA)
Involved staff: Alain MULS,
Start date:06 Jan 2018
Duration:24 months
Research unit:Geodesy and GNSS


PRS Project for Demonstration

Project overview

The Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) is an encrypted navigation service designed to be more resistant to jamming, involuntary Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), meaconing and spoofing. It is similar to other Galileo navigation services, but ensures Continuity of Service (CoS) to government authorised users when access to other navigation services is denied, increases the likelihood of continuous availability of the Signal-in-Space (SiS) and provides an authenticated navigation service.

The use of the Galileo’s PRS navigation service incites the attention of governmental and institutional organisations. The introduction of the PRS service within these organisations implies a (re-)definition of their operational usage pattern and adds operational procedures for managing the PRS user keys. In order to augment these organisations awareness of the possibilities offered by PRS gives rise to demonstrate:

Real life demonstrations, similar to operational usages of this service, confirming claims made by the Galileo Program, will thus support the necessary up-take of PRS by these agencies.

The aim of the 3PfD project is on the one hand to help the PRS Participants’ CPA to fully comprehend the PRS service and how to interact with the System and on the other hand to perform real operational tests of PRS during measurement trials and campaigns. The project targets defence, police and security forces as main User Communities (UCs) and will increase PRS awareness amongst interested UCs supporting a stepwise up-take of PRS .

Technical Objectives

European security forces have an increased need for a reliable GNSS / GPS based Position, Nav- igation & Timing (PNT) services with authenticated and controlled access guaranteeing their PNT -superiority and protection from misuse activities (as jamming) during operations. While Galileo PRS is not yet operational, it is essential to lay the foundation for it already today in order to build the confidence of the security forces and other UCs in the PRS navigation service and to ensure the emergence of a new European market dedicated to PRS services. Therefore, the main objective of this proposal is to demonstrate the ability of the PRS navigation service to guarantee continuous provision of PNT information to authorised governmental users during OS navigation signals that are subjected to RFI vulnerabilities. Specifically, the 3PfD project addresses the following technical objectives:

Work-Package Breakdown