Promotor:Bart Scheers
Funding:European Commission
Involved staff: Bart SCHEERS, Rihab LAHOULI,
Start date:01 Dec 2017
Duration:30 months
Research unit:Radio Networks


Autonomous Indoor Outdoor SafetyTracking system

Even though satellite-based positioning technology allows rescue workers to already operate efficiently, GPS availability, reliability, and accuracy are often poor during fire operations, for example due to thick smoke, dense forests, rough terrain and inside buildings. In this context, the objective of AIOSAT (Autonomous Indoor & Outdoor Safety Tracking System) is to progress beyond the state of the art by defining the AIOSAT concept that aims to overcome aforementioned limitations of GNSS usage in rescue interventions. For this purpose, GNSS positions are enhanced with EGNOS and fused with position information inferred from IMU and RF. The main paths to the goal will be to define 1) the end-user requirements for the AIOSAT system, 2) the Advanced Positioning Subsystem 3) the Communications Subsystem 4) the tracking and alerting (TA) application and, 5) build an integrated prototype system validated during field tests.

The RMA is responsible for the inter-distance measurement between the rescue workers based on UWB RF technology and the Communications Subsystem.