Promotor:VANDEWAL, Marijke
Involved staff: Alexander BORGHGRAEF,
Start date:15 Jul 2009
Duration:11 months
Research unit:Laser and Optronics


The aim of the FREMM project is to concieve, realise, validate for the PSAD (Performances Senseurs et Aides à la Décision) module, a software that covers the following functionalities. First, the project computation of the effects of the atmospheric and geographical environment on the infrared transmission. Second, the projected computation of the effects of the atmospheric and geogrphical environment on the target and background irradiance. Third, the computation of the output performance (detection, identification) of optronics sensors. Fouth, the computation of images of infrared scenes. The MPIR module is responsible for the synthesis of infrared images of the scene. RMA is reponsible for integrating the OSMOSIS Thermal Model developed at RMA in the MPIR module of the FREMM project. OSMOSIS is an open-source software developed in the context of the MRN 03 study and that compute the thermal model of ships