Automatic Face Identification

In 1991, we started person identification from frontal views (Face Identification). Although full of information, these images suffer from light and point of view dependence.

In 1993, we turned to the analysis of profile views (Profile Identification) to benefit from the rigidity of the external contour and from the high speed of 1-Dimensional processing. Due to its success, this profile analysis was later improved to be integrated as pilot demonstrator in the M2VTS project of the European ACTS programme ( M2VTS, paper).

In 1995, we started experiments with 3D capture adapted to face SurFace Identification. The speed and low cost of structured light techniques convinced us. First trials revealed the sufficient precision of the approach. In late 1995, the SIC continued its activities under the funding of the ACTS programme in a project called M2VTS( M2VTS).

In 1997, we started the collection of biometric data for 120 people (speech, face, profile and 3D). Two sessions of 3D (1997 and 1998) captures are made available as described in http://~beumier/DB/3d_rma.html.

From 2001, the 3D acquisition system (by structured light) was improved and applied in the context of the BIOMET project (

In 2003, Charles Beumier presented his PhD thesis at ENST (Paris, France) about “Identity authentication through 3D face analysis” (