Route to RMA

General Directions

As a general rule, since the RMA lies near the European Union buildings, you may, in first approximation, follow the direction ‘European Union/Community’.

Since the RMA is located just in front of the “Parc du Cinquantenaire”/”Jubileum Park”, if you get lost on your way in Brussels, just ask for the way to the park.

From the Brussels airport

Either * Take a Taxi to the RMA (approx 30EUR) * Take the train to the Central Station (approx 6EUR) * Take the bus 12 or 21 to the Schuman subway station (approx 4EUR/25min) * Take the highway Brussels-Liège (E40)

By train

The RMA is located at 10min walking from the Schuman train station, But, if you are coming from the Central Station, you will certainly prefer to take the subway.

By subway

The RMA is located between (at 10min walking each) the subway stations Schuman and Merode. Both stations are located on the subway lines 1 and 5.