Practical information
Commission for Scientific Research (CWO)
Royal Military Academy
Brussels --- Belgium
Head and torso ballistic protection scientific research.

You are kindly invited to the

5th RMA Poster Session

4 May 2022 -- 1330Hr - 1530Hr -- Room: Patio Bloc K

Detailed technical program

Practical information

Objective Presentation of the scientific research performed at the Royal Military Academy, DLD and MHKA as a poster session.
Location Royal Military Academy, 8 rue Hobbema/Hobbemastraat, 1000 Bruxelles/Brussel, Room: Patio Bloc K.
When May 4th, 1330Hr -- 1530Hr
Registration    Required for all participants (including authors)
Non Defence Pers: Registration closed.
Program Detailed technical program.
Submissions: Closed! The Call for Posters and Instructions for authors are to be found here.

Past Editions

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