Promotor:Mees, Wim
Involved staff: Wim MEES, Roel HEREMANS,
Start date:01 Jun 2009
Duration:36 months
Research unit:Artificial Intelligence


The aim of this project is to develop a low-cost multi-sensor vehicle protection system using a data fusion engine in order to enhance situational awareness and aid command and control for a moving vehicle in an urban environment, as well as to protect critical static points such as road blocks or outposts, taking into account the operational needs defined by end-users. The system will be able to detect potential threats at large distances while driving at a normal cruising speed. Furthermore, the system will be able to recognize and characterize threats in more detail at smaller distances and at slower speeds. Based on the working conditions and the operator\'s instructions, the system will be able to switch between operating modes for the overall system and for the individual sensors (spot mode, scanning mode etc.)