Over the past several years, there has been a significant interest in the potential of terahertz (THz) detection for imaging of concealed weapons, explosives and chemical and biological agents. There are two major factors contributing to this interest :

By taking advantage of these unique radiation properties, THz imaging can be used for non destructive testing (NDT) purposes : Foreign Object Damage (FOD) and other defects such as delaminations, voids and heat damage can be identified in a variety of pre-cured and in-service composite structures.

Nowadays very little research is being performed using THz radiation for air transport NDT, and little is known on how typical composite material defects such as delamination, porosities and inclusions can be detected by THz waves. One research domain concentrates on this application domain by investigating within an international consortium the potential of developing a fast, high resolution, non-invasive and non-contact inspection system for assessing aeronautic composite parts during production. The developed NDT tool will be easy to integrate in industrial facilities and will fill in the performance gaps that are still present amongst the existing NDT techniques ; it will therefore be an extremely useful tool in NDT in terms of sensor fusion. Indeed, as always in the domain of NDT, this new method will not replace directly the existing NDT tools, but will deliver complementary results which can be sometimes more precise for some defects (like delamination or water ingress).

To achieve this overall goal, several underlying objectives need to be set and consequently achieved :

In the CISS department we will contribute by developing the signal processing algorithms based on the synthetic aperture principles know from radar applications.

The physical dimensions of the elementary components of numerous dielectric materials through which the THz waves are supposed to travel, correspond often to the applied wavelengths (tenths of microns to some millimeters) generated by the used THz source. This is the case for materials used in different domains of applications : cloths and powders for the detection of concealed explosives, and plastics and composite materials for NDT applications. From literature we know that working at wavelengths close to the size of elementary particles encountered during propagation, leads to an important decrease of the signal strength. This impacts directly the measured spectral information :

Given these important interactions between THz waves and materials, it is of uttermost importance to quantify in parallel with the above NDT survey, all the phenomena altering and degrading the propagated THz wave. Indeed, if the aim is to make from THz technology a reliable and performing detection and inspection tool, with a high probability of detection for a minimal probability of false alarms, there is a need for a fundamental research related to the THz diffusion during propagation of dielectric materials.

Research projects


This study aims at modelling the behaviour of a THz wave in a strongly scattering dielectric, studying the THz wave scattering through dielectric materials inducing spectral distortions.

DOTNAC - Development and optimization of THz NDT tool on multi-layered composite aircraft structures.

Modern aircraft structures have to comply with severe requirements: they have to be light as well as safe. These requirements lead to an increased use of composite materials in the aircraft industry. However, new materials also require new techniques in order to inspect aircraft components during production in a non-destructive way.

The primary goal of the DOTNAC project is to develop a safe, contact-free, high resolution, and potentially on-site NDT tool based on terahertz (THz) waves, which will be easy to integrate in industrial facilities, and allowing the detection of surface, subsurface and in-depth defects in a variety of composite materials used in aeronautics. The developed NDT tool will fill in the performance gaps that are still present amongst the established NDT techniques and will therefore be an extremely useful tool in NDT in terms of sensor fusion.


This study aims at studying the THz domain with applications in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). One of the main development is the adaptation of Synthetic Aperture algorithms to THz sources in order to increase the cross-range resolution.


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